Our Spirit Will Live On

November 20, 2019

To the People of Plant Earth,

The era of Little Baby's Ice Cream has come and gone. While our physical manifestation will be no more for this world, our spirit will live on in the hearts, minds and mouth-memories of YOU, the True and Impassioned Ice Cream Fans.

We are proud of the business we built, the mission we embodied and the products and brand we worked so hard to create. We are grateful to our patrons, partners, friends, farmers, cows, cool kids, coconuts and everything and everyone else that participated in this Intrepid Flavor Quest. Thank you for having open minds and mouths, which is all we ever asked for.

Our vision has always been to use Ice Cream as a platform to bring people together, make them happy and encourage them to have a new and different experience. The thought was, if we can get people behind responsibly produced super-premium Ice Cream with stuff like hot sauce in it, that may be a tiny step towards a more peaceful and understanding world. We believe that we succeeded in this effort and have been humbled by the extent to which that vision resonated. We have always intended to use Ice Cream to deliver that special feeling of being at once both confused and grateful, which is more or less how we're feeling now. So perhaps it worked?

Our shops will be open through Wednesday, November 27th, 2019 or until we run out of Ice Cream, whichever comes first. Come get it while you can!

Thank you! We love you! Goodnight!

wild wishes,

Little Baby's Ice Cream