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LITTLE BABY’S ICE CREAM creates singular frozen desserts made with imagination and care. LITTLE BABY’S ICE CREAM provides unique customer realizations through comfortable, detailed, and informative service. LITTLE BABY’S ICE CREAM strives to be a responsible business in all our practices and decisions; to us this means supporting the neighborhoods where we live and do business, our local economy, and our regional food system. LITTLE BABY’S ICE CREAM aims to support sustainable agriculture and reduce the amount of waste we produce whenever possible. LITTLE BABY’S ICE CREAM treats our employees as co-workers and we treat our co-workers as we treat ourselves. LITTLE BABY’S ICE CREAM is committed to meaningful, comedic, and creative engagement with our community. LITTLE BABY’S ICE CREAM is dedicated to making the best and weirdest Ice Cream in the world.

Off the Grid, Into the Sphere!
Summer, 2011: Maura, Jeffrey, Pete & The Flavor Blaster One.
August 3rd, 2012: Little Baby's Ice Cream uploads their now infamous videos "Love Lickers" and "This Is A Special Time" to coincide with the grand opening of their World Headquarters Shop in the East Kensington section of Philadelphia.
April 20th, 2013: Little Baby's Ice Cream opens their second store called "Cedar Park Embassy" located in the Cedar Park neighborhood of West Philadelphia.
October 30th, 2015: Little Baby's Ice Cream celebrates the launch of their new, 100% recyclable pint containers with the release of a new video, "Check Out Our New Package".

Our story begins in the winter of 2011 with a few former musicians in Philadelphia, and a vision of an Ice Cream company which would serve as the nexus between their past and future creative lives. Ice Cream, they figured, could bring people together, could make people happy, and could provide a unique opportunity to subvert people’s expectations and encourage new experiences.

So that summer, they scooped their homemade Ice Cream from "The Flavor Blaster One", a custom built, multimedia tricycle: a mobile fun zone; a situationist spectacle; a joy on three wheels; and according to the Department of Health, a "Push Cart Food Retail Non-Permanent Location". They played their Music For Ice Cream, a generative musical environment derived from a hacked music box. They presented unusual flavors that no one had imagined before. They presented flavors made without dairy, because Ice Cream is for Everyone.

In the spring of 2012, they built three additional tricycles and began extended service throughout the greater Philadelphia region at concerts, festivals, farmers’ markets, movies, birthday parties, weddings, roller derbies, book releases, office parties, and more.

In the early summer of 2012, they began distributing their Ice Cream in pint containers to select independent retailers in the Philadelphia region.

On Friday, August 3rd of 2012 they opened up their first shop, their “World Headquarters”, located in the East Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia at 2311 Frankford Avenue -- a space shared with the world’s first and only pizza memorabilia museum, Pizza Brain. On this very same day, “This is a Special Time”, a video work produced for the company by Doug Garth Williams, was released and swiftly took the Internet by storm. As of this writing, it has attracted over Eleven Million views.

In the spring of 2013, on Saturday, April 20th, Little Baby’s opened up its second shop, which was dubbed “Cedar Park Embassy” in recognition its location in the Cedar Park neighborhood of West Philadelphia, at 4903 Catharine Street.

Today, they continue to sling their scoops throughout the great City of Philadelphia and beyond, and continue their mobile operations as far as their expanding base of Ice Cream fans will bring them. Their catering and events staff is known to serve waiting, open mouths throughout Southeastern PA, Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, Delaware, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. Their pints are available in a rapidly growing number of fine food retailers.

Little Baby's recognizes Ice Cream as a universal catalyst for joyful diversion and a stoked community. They are happy to connect with the rich Ice Cream history in Philadelphia and link it with their unique vision for the future.

Be Easy! Stay Cold.

In the future, we hope to continue making Ice Cream, spreading joy, making jokes, and having fun.
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