Who We Are

Little Baby’s Ice Cream is a Hand-Made, Small-Batch, Super-Premium Ice Cream company. We specialize in unique and surprising flavor combinations with additional emphasis on providing Non-Dairy and Vegan options to suit every kind of open-minded and convivial citizen. Ice Cream is for everyone.

We proudly use dairy sourced from Trickling Springs Creamery in Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania and manufacture all of our products with imagination and care at our flagship location, “Little Baby’s Ice Cream World Headquarters” in East Kensington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Our story begins in the winter of 2011 with former musicians and company founders Pete Angevine, Martin Brown, and Jeffrey Ziga. They conceived the idea of an Ice Cream company as the nexus between their past creative lives and their future.

“Unique flavors we wanted to eat and a unique experience for the people we served.”

They scooped Ice Cream from “The Flavor Blaster One”, a customized tricycle, a mobile fun zone, joy on three wheels. They played their Music For Ice Cream. “Step on up to the Ice Cream Shop.” Yes, we can ride it. Yes, we rode it here. Yes, it’s heavy. Yes, we love what we do.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream
“Ice Cream for the Wholehearted People.”

Today, we scoop throughout the great City of Philadelphia in a number of locations and we continue our mobile operations throughout the streets of Philadelphia. Our catering and events staff is happy to travel as far as the customer is willing to bring us. Our pints are available in a number of fine food retailers.

Little Baby’s recognizes Ice Cream as a universal catalyst for joyful diversion to rally a stoked local community. We are happy to connect with the rich Ice Cream history in Philadelphia and link it with our unique vision for the future.

Be Easy! Stay Cold.