Community Partners

We would not be who we are without our invaluable Community and esteemed Business partners! We adore them and patronize their services. We would like to share some information about them here.

Trickling Springs Creamery

Trickling Spring Creamery provides us with the best Dairy that we’ve ever had! Read all about their business here.

Greensgrow Farm

Greensgrow Farm grows food, flowers, community, and so much more in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia since 1998! We proudly source ingredients from them whenever possible! Check out their website Here.

Goldenberg’s® Peanut Chews®

A Philadelphia original. A true classic. The greatest chocolate candy bar ever created.  We use the Original Dark in our Non-Dairy and our Philadelphia Style Ice Creams. In case you didn’t know, the Original Dark Goldenberg’s® Peanut Chews® are vegan. The website is super cool!

Blue Bottle coffee

A trip to the Bay Area and we fell in love with this wonderful coffee roaster. Then they began roasting in Brooklyn. We use their beans exclusively in our Blue Bottle Coffee Toffee Ice Cream. Website here.

Spodee Wine

Spodee is Wine with a Kick. We make a Chocolate and Spodee Swirl for use in our Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream. Hmm-mmmmm. Their website.

Fabric Horse

Fabric Horse makes all sorts of bicycle and utility clothing and accessories. Their products are top-notch! They made some aprons, some drapes, and some other fabric related items for us. Info and blog here.

Haley Trikes

What’s in the box? Haley Tricycles makes customized working tricycles for you and your belongings. Look at their work here. (Sorry — They do not make Ice Cream Tricycles, so don’t ask them!)

Union Transfer

Union Transfer is Philadelphia’s best concert venue! (Their Site and schedule). We have an Ice Cream stand open inside during all shows during the warmer months (roughly April through September)! Please check for the exact dates! We are there seasonally and will leave once the weather turns to cold :(

Morgan’s Pier

An outdoor, family-friendly beer garden on Delaware Avenue in the shadow of the majestic Ben Franklin Bridge. A summertime home-away-from-home in the City of Philadelphia but on the Delaware River. Check our Where To Find Us page for the hours that we keep there! Check out their website.

Justin Gray

Justin Gray is the Philadelphia artist responsible for the original LBIC anthropomorphic “Ice Cream Being” Logo. He is the patron artist of Little Baby’s Ice Cream and has an on-going creative role in the LBIC world. His portfolio of work is online here.

Mike Almquist

Mike is a Philadelphia graphics designer and is responsible for large swaths of the current visual elements that make up LBIC’s world. He loves Bruce Springsteen! His work is here.

Jason Hsu

Jason is a Philadelphia artist and a member of Philadelphia creative community named Space 1026. He is the lead interior designer for Little Baby’s Ice Cream World Headquarters and Cedar Park Embassy. He also occasionally fabricates physical pieces of the Little Baby’s Ice Cream world. His work is on his site here and Space 1026 has a site here.

Jon Guez

Jon is a Philadelphia musician and, alongside LBIC Co-Founder Pete Angevine, is responsible for the “Music for Ice Cream” dream world song. It is here.

Doug Garth Williams

Doug is an Oakland, California based artist. He is responsible for the “Love Lickers” and “This is a Special Time” commercials / video art pieces. His website is here.

Charlie Wrzesnieski

Charlie is a photographer and video artist living in Philadelphia. He is responsible for various video pieces and photos related to the LBIC world. His site is here.

Dan Perrone

Dan is a photographer from outer space who is a friend of Little Baby’s Ice Cream. His is responsible for some of the other-worldly scenes in which we see Little Baby’s Ice Cream. His website is here.

Mike Persico

Mike is a photographer from Philadelphia. He photographs food, music, fashion, and Ice Cream. He is responsible for the Tricycle Soundstage photographs. His website is available here.

Klip Collective

Klip specializes in creative applications of media technology. Using a patented video mapping process, Klip leads the field of 3D projections by combining problem solving engineering with artistic sensibility. We occasionally act as a guerrilla projection unit for an on-going and evolving series of video pieces produced by Klip. Whoa. Their site.

Charlie Cottone

Charlie Cottone is an internet web designer and screen printer living in Philadelphia. He is responsible for the design of this website and he also documents his work here.

Matthias Bossi

Matthias is the voice of Little Baby’s Ice Cream. Hear his voice.