Philadelphia Style Ice Cream

What is "Philadelphia Style" Ice Cream? Roughly-speaking, it is the absence of eggs in the recipe. It is often positioned as a counterpart to the "French Style" Ice Cream, often defined by the presence of eggs; and French Style is often cooked and Philadelphia Style isn't. Yet, some recipes call for only egg whites in a Philadelphia Style. Confusing? Yes, sort-of.

One certainty is that Philadelphia is an old American city. It is home to the country’s oldest currently operating Ice Cream company! Consider this piece of writing:

“Everyone knows Philadelphia as the city of brotherly love where our independence was declared in 1776, but how may of you are aware that it is the ice cream capital of the country, maybe of the world? When Philadelphia became the seat of government and George Washington the first President, “iced creams” as they were then called were often served at the presidential Thursday dinners. We believe they were not quite the same as our luscious delights made commercially or at home in an ice cream freezer, but were mixtures of cream, sugar and eggs beaten in metal bowls over ice so that they had more the texture of the soft ice cream sold in certain places today. After the great exposition of 1876 Philadelphia became known across the country for the excellence of its ice cream, by then a popular American delicacy, and to this day the words “Philadelphia ice cream” connote the highest quality. Philadelphia confectioners were famed for their ice cream.”
—”Philly the Ice Cream Capital,” James A. Beard, Los Angeles Times, August 5, 1971 (p. J4)

William Penn Vanilla

Jeffrey Shares a Cone with William Penn

It is with these sentiments that Little Baby’s aligns itself. The term “Philadelphia Style” connotes Ice Cream of the highest quality. In this spirit, we use the finest ingredients to make the finest quality product.

We also do not use eggs. Maybe someday!