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archiveMTV 12 LIVE At Our Cedar Park Embassy!


For music lovers of a certain age, the fusion of Music and Video represents the Ultimate Entertainment Concept. Nowadays, for folks of a younger age, the Internet is apparently the thing. Somewhere in the nexus between these three mediums lies MTV 12: the Internet’s Most Loved Non-Competitive Music Video Countdown*! Week after week, VJ’s Dawn […]


archiveOur Union Market Pop-Up: LBIC’s DC Debut!

capitol cone

For years, we at Little Baby’s have dreamed of spreading beyond our humble origins in Philadelphia, PA. With the help of our Distributor and Dairy of Choice, Trickling Springs Creamery, our pints have spread to the extremities of the Greater Philadelphia Region. From the grass fed, pasture raised, antibiotic free cows of Franklin County, or […]


archiveParklet Pronouncement: Summer 2016 Is Here!


We are pleased to announce that our World Headquarters and Cedar Park Embassy Parklets have returned! These seasonal oases have signaled the start of the Summer Ice Cream Season since their first appearance in 2013. This year’s Official Parklet Garden Theme is Urban Zen. Take time to find Yours. wild wishes,


archiveThe Great Grocer Pint Purchase Receipt Round-Up!


In recognition of Little Baby’s Ice Cream’s rapidly expanding pint distribution network, we are proud to announce The Great Grocer Pint Purchase Receipt Round-Up! Here’s how it works: Purchase an LBIC Pint at any of our satellite retailers. Click here to search for a location near you. Be sure to get a Receipt! LBIC Scoop […]


archiveIce Cream in Space!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.25.17 AM

Little Baby’s Ice Cream is a small company built on big ideas and innovation. At the same time, we are committed to limiting our environmental impact and strengthening relationships with our local community. Two years ago, when we first decided to distribute pints of our Ice Cream beyond Philadelphia, we were resolute that we would […]




archiveGet To Know Carrot Cake Man


For carrot cognoscenti, it’s the most important day of the year: International Carrot Day! According to the Carrot Commission at, April 4th has been marked with worldwide celebration and jubilance since the first Carrot Day in 2003. More than a decade after it’s inception, Carrot Day represents the height of Carrot Culture and the […]


archiveGet To Know Brotherly Love Pink Lemonade

It's just weird enough.

First things first, let’s all say it together: Ready? Winter is over; it’s spring now. I love you. That was nice! Feel free to repeat as necessary. Now that Pre-Summer is underway, we’re excited to launch one of our most summer-worthy flavors yet. Not only that, but this flavor involves a fundraiser special for one […]


archiveDeep Winter 2016 CSIC Round Up #3: March Into Summer


This season’s final batch of Community Supported Ice Cream Goodness came forth this last weekend, and it was one for the record books! Now here we are, recording it in our books for all to read and enjoy. Let’s see what our wise subscribers brought home!   Fortune Cookie: A Rare Ice Cream of Great […]


archiveGet To Know JINXED Box Truck and other Valentine’s Specials


Perhaps it is the seclusion of winter that makes it an ideal time for a holiday about love. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day celebrates a sentiment we all can appreciate after spending many cold days and nights huddled together for warmth. V’s Day’s origins and namesake are murky, but its popularity has been […]


archiveDeep Winter 2016 CSIC Round Up #2: Scoop Dreams


As we delve deeper into Deep Winter, the outdoors remains a chilly and inhospitable place. Just as in winters passed, this is a season for indoor entertainment. Just as our cave dwelling ancestors gathered around fires and told stories to ward off the cold, we gather around our various screens to check out the hot […]


archiveGet To Know Coquito


As we never get tired of mentioning, we love Ice Cream. We also love our friends. So, it follows naturally that we are super into making Ice Cream out of the things our friends make. Luckily, we get to do that often. Normally, we’ll team up with another organization, pick a standout product of theirs, […]


archiveTrialpay Review – End User Feedback Of Trialpay. Com Promoteapp-Reviews.Com

App Promotion Companies Best Way To Promote App Make Money Promoting Apps How To Promote Apps On App Store App Marketing Service Although guests posts ought not to be marketing, you can easily products the ideas in a way that, in the end of the posting, the visitors are ready to have a look at […]


archiveDeep Winter 2016 CSIC Round Up #1: A New Hope


After a supernaturally prolonged autumn and our various winter holiday hiatuses, we’re glad to be back in the normal swing of things. And just in time, the temperature has finally caught up with the calendar. Even though there’s a chill in the air, our Ice Cream Imagineers are as fired up as ever! Let’s dive […]


archiveGet To Know Crushed Candy Cane

File Dec 08, 1 02 25 PM

With Chanukah underway and other folks counting the days until their late-December celebrations, the Holiday Season is truly in full effect! Even we’ve been getting into the spirit despite the weather’s non-cooperation, as evidenced by our wall hangings and menu boards. So, in that spirit, let’s break the ice with Crushed Candy Cane! Candy canes […]


archiveDeep Autumn 2015 Flavor Round Up #3: The Wish List

File Dec 07, 11 43 55 AM

Time flies, doesn’t it? It seems like just yesterday you were gleefully signing up for your Deep Autumn Community Supported Ice Cream share, and it’s already time to lock down a Deep Winter subscription! Wow! Now, let’s get down to brass scoops and see what we took home this week! Our first super-premium dairy based […]


archiveGet To Know Peppermint Hot Chocolate


As the weather (slowly) cools, heat becomes a precious commodity. Warm food and drinks, while enjoyed year round, take on a special significance in winter months. However, that’s not to say that there we can’t still enjoy a cold treat! Ice Cream, a year-round delicacy, can be just as effective at chasing away the wintertime […]


archiveGet To Know Buttered Popcorn

Short Answer: Why Not?

As we teeter between autumn and winter, we must remember to ask ourselves the important questions. Do we have rock salt? Where did we put our other glove? Are we stocked with snacks? The latter is of utmost importance. Snacks have sustained us through the lean darkness of winters passed; surely, they will again. Considering […]


archiveGet To Know SAGE Cranberry Swirl


As fall rolls along, its passage may be measured in many ways: the dropping temperature, the leaves’ changing hues, the way Hallowe’en fades smoothly into Thanksgiving which fades into the winter holiday season. We track autumn’s progress by the trail of seasonal Ice Creams it leaves behind. The rich palate of established autumnal flavors is […]


archiveGet To Know Smoked Cinnamon


Much ado has been made about our fall seasonal flavors. We’re particularly excited about our current lineup! However, in our autumnal excitement, let us not overlook those flavors that are on the team year-round, providing us with enjoyment and awe in all seasons. This week, we’ll be taking a look at a long-time legend that […]


archiveDeep Autumn 2015 Flavor Round Up #2: New for November


As this year’s autumn finally starts to feel like Autumn, our CSIC series rolls on! Last month‘s flavor collection contained home runs, grand slams, and the odd screwball. This month’s is no exception, and features some of the wildest, most wonderful concoctions we’ve ever created. These Ice Creams are, of course, exclusive to our Community […]


archiveGet To Know Hazelnut S’mores


To paraphrase baseball legend Lawrence Berra, it’s getting later out here earlier. As of this past weekend, our time has reverted to its correct wintertime setting from its hypothetically beneficial Daylight Saving Summertime Setting. We have gained an hour and plunged our evenings into darkness. Did you remember to set your clocks back? Did you […]


archiveGet To Know Pumpkin Latte


For us, an Ice Cream company known to draw inspiration from the world around it, the onset of a new season is a welcome change of scenery. Ice Cream is the canvas on which we paint our lives and as our palette changes, so does our palate. There are many inspirational flavors associated with our […]


archiveGet To Know Apple SNAP


Oh, the weather outside is changing! Leaves are falling, the air is cooling, and the sun seems to be perpetually setting. It seems as if Deep Autumn is upon us. One might assume that an Ice Cream company, seemingly reliant on warm weather, would be saddened by this transition. Sure, we miss warm breezes and […]


archiveGet To Know Altered States

Deep Stuff!

As frequent purveyors of odd, unfamiliar, and even alarming products, we have a heightened empathy and affinity towards other unusual enterprises. As readers of this web log are well aware, we thrill at the chance to combine our passion for Ice Cream with our cross–disciplinary pals in pursuit of our Babysian Ideals. Most recently, that […]


archiveDeep Autumn 2015 Flavor Round Up #1


After much fanfare and a remarkably smooth distribution process, the first round of Community Supported Ice Cream of Fall, 2015 has hit the streets! Let’s take a look at what our lucky subscribers took home this month:    Taking advantage of the last of summer’s bounty of delicious peaches, here’s our take on the classic […]


archiveAn Annual Autumnal Ice Cream (Re)Appearance


Autumn is upon us: A brief respite between the harsh heat of summer and the cruel cold of winter; A magical in-between time when Ice Cream may be consumed outdoors unhurried by fear of melting. The new season is already in the air but officially, it begins tomorrow. Why? Officially, the beginning of fall coincides […]


archiveGet To Know Dietz & Watson Prosciutto & Fig

Little Baby's Ice Cream Photo - 600 x 600_IG[10]

Food has a way of bringing people together. Ice Cream has being the uniting force between us and many of our best friends and closest collaborators. From Philadelphian coffee roasters to Mexican tequila distillers, forward thinking organizations the world over have joined us in our quest to expand our mediums boundaries. Recently, yet another local […]


archiveGet To Know El Vocho

vocho 7

We’ve produced our fair share of Ice Creams inspired by various potent potables. Recently, we’ve even written at length about a few of them. In that light, this week, we’ve decided to chase those boozy blog bits with an Ice Cream inspired by a liquid chaser with a storied and colorful history. Let’s take a […]


archiveGet To Know Watermelon Mojito

hand leaf

Somehow, it’s still Summer! The Big Warmer. The Hot One. Ol’ Sweat Getter. Et Cetera. This is the time of year we are most thankful for the cornucopia of Cold Treats we are surrounded by. Can you imagine a Summer before modern fridge tech? Word to the Wise: Don’t. Thankfully, those days are long gone. […]


archiveGet To Know Cucumber Dill


We’ll be the first ones to acknowledge that we may have occasionally Pushed the Envelope with our flavors. While we have a deep respect for the Ice Cream tradition we carry on, we consider Ice Cream to be a blank canvas, meant to be transformed by the Creamer’s Creativity. Ice Cream is our origin and […]


archiveRead Up On ReAnimator Coffee


ReAnimator Coffee is an independent business in a different industry yet they share more than a few similarities with Little Baby’s Ice Cream. Our businesses began right around the same time in the summer of 2011, in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, and may or may not have both operated “illegally” out of their founders’ […]


archiveGet To Know ReAnimator Red Eye

red 2

If there’s one thing we’re about, it’s Ice Cream. If there are two things we’re about, the second one would probably be doing weird and delicious things with Ice Cream. If we could pick a third, it would be supporting and participating in our local community. Fourth would be the Comedy Rule Of Threes. But […]


archiveA Few Words About Pizza Brain

PB_LB Comic #1 p.1

What can be said about Pizza Brain, the World’s First and Only Pizza Memorabilia Museum, that hasn’t already been said? For one, it should be known that they are a paramount piece of the puzzle that is the origin story of Little Baby’s Ice Cream. When LBIC was barely the germ of an idea being […]


archiveGet To Know Blackberry Sage


Some things are so good-looking that the viewer may be frustrated by their inedibility. Examples such as wax fruit or paintings of meals come to mind. In the fast-paced, high-stakes world of Ice Cream Photography, other substances are often substituted out of necessity, allowing that unsatisfied feeling to persist. The difficulty of making a substance […]


archiveMeet A Baby: Emily


Emily will be a sophomore at Elon University in the fall, where she studies Communication Design and Digital Art. She is the photography intern for Little Baby’s so you will see her around the shop as well as at mobile events snapping pics of the lovers of ice cream.  Photography pretty much consumes her life […]


archiveThe Reinvestment Fund: Our Totally Rad Friend


Since our formation in 2011, Little Baby’s Ice Cream has had the good fortune to grow into a fairly robust enterprise. From one Flavorblaster Ice Cream tricycle came a fleet of four (4). From there came a brick and mortar World Headquarters, and from there our Cedar Park Embassy. We’d like to call your attention […]


archiveGet To Know Coffee Toffee


Recent acquaintances of ours may not be aware of our fascination/ fixation/ fondness for alliteration. It’s a thing. Longer-term fans may not have noticed that our Fijación Oral extends to rhyme, as well. In that light, Coffee Toffee just makes Sense. Its particularly realistic flavor is a result of an infusion of real coffee blended […]


archiveGet To Know Peach Granola

peach 4

To all things, there is a season, and for peaches, that season is July. So, as July draws to a close (!) we felt it appropriate to pay homage to our favorite velvet-skinned fruit by reviving our classic Peach Granola; a recurring latesummer delicacy! While innovative, Peach Granola is, at heart, a traditional peach Ice […]


archiveSuperGhost: Inspiration Information

SuperGhost cover(1)

As people who like to think of themselves as creative types, we are deeply indebted to those dreamers and doers who have come before us. Without their fuel in our Ice Cream synthesizer, we would be starved for inspiration and our Ice Cream Utopia would be a dull and arid wasteland/ nightmarish meltscape. We exaggerate, […]


archiveUber Ice Cream Feat. Us!


Today is the Day! For one day only, from 11am to 5pm, popular ride sharing app Uber will double as an Ice Cream delivery service in cities around the world; We’re particularly excited to have been invited to be their Ice Cream supplier for the city of Philadelphia! This is their fourth annual #UberIceCream event […]


archiveGet To Know Rhubarb Fenugreek


There are some flavor combinations that are truly timeless, like peanut butter and jelly. There are other combinations that have been flirting with existence for what feels like forever and recently managed to seal the deal, like chocolate and salt. Then, there are the other ones. The ones that fly in the face of convention […]


archiveAn Ode To Haley Trikes


What is there to say about Philadelphia’s (and perhaps the nation’s) only one man, year round cargo tricycle builder? Here’s what: That one man, Stephen Horcha of Haley Trikes, is a notoriously friendly Midwesterner, an elusive jokester, and a maverick entrepreneur. Since moving to Philadelphia from Savannah, GA (by way of Michigan) in 2006, Stephen […]


archiveGet To Know Sour Cherry & Honey


Sour Cherry & Honey is one of our favorite seasonal flavors, and for good reason. It’s delicious! Subjectivity aside: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How? Let us answer, in reverse order! How: We begin, as we often do, with our Super-Premium dairy Ice Cream base, sourced with love from Trickling Springs Creamery in Chambersburg, […]


archiveThe Brooklyn Ice Cream Takedown: Looking Back

The Takedown Poster

This past weekend, Little Baby’s Ice Cream was invited to the World Famous Brooklyn Ice Cream Takedown — a homemade Ice Cream competition. Representatives from our notable stalwart Ice Cream contemporaries Ample Hills Creamery, Cool Haus, Malai, and our own Pete comprised the panel of featured judges. In addition to delicate palate fine tuning and […]


archiveLBIC Summer 2015 Mixtape


Summertime truly is a Special Time, and we feel the only way to encapsulate our appreciation for this wonderful season is in Song. To that end, we will be compiling mixtape of all of our favorite Dessert Dance Ditties and Ice Cream Anthems. However, to really heat things up, we need your help! We’ll be […]


archiveGet To Know Mint Julep


The Mint Julep, one of the oldest known cocktails, is a staple of the American South most commonly associated with the Kentucky Derby. Each year, over the course of derby weekend, equine racing enthusiasts assembled at Louisville, KY’s Churchill Downs consume almost one hundred and twenty thousand of them! Like Ice Cream, the Mint Julep […]


archiveThe Summer 2015 Affogato Road Show


Philadelphia, PA. In Two Thousand Thirteen, a lone transportable freezer hit the road, rolling all the way from Frankford Avenue in Fishtown to Sydenham Street in Center city. The intrepid freezer was full of Delicious Little Baby’s Ice Creams, promised to be wed with Divine Elixr Espressos. The match, they said, must have been made […]


archiveGet To Know Blueberry Ginger

blueberry ginger

As one of our Founding Flavors and one of our most popular recurring seasonal varieties, Blueberry Ginger holds a special place on our menu and in our hearts. While the name isn’t as much of a mouthful as Chocolate Salt Malt or Earl Grey Sriracha, it still manages to take the partaker on a simultaneously […]


archiveGet To Know Thai Iced Tea

Thai Cone

Thai Iced Tea, one of our most visually striking and literally named Ice Creams, is inspired by Thai iced tea, a tea based beverage popular throughout Southeast Asia. Essentially, sugar and condensed milk are mixed into strongly brewed tea, which is then poured over ice. Often, additional spices such as star anise or tamarind seed […]


archiveOur Tour of Trickling Springs Creamery: Part 2: Hamilton Heights

Biodiversity and natural soil carbon renewal

The second half of our tour took us through the entire milk production process, from the cows and grass to to the processing plant where we had started the day. About 10 minutes outside the heart of Chambersburg, PA lies Hamilton Heights Dairy, where farmer Cliff Hawlbaker showed us the workings of his family’s 6th […]


archiveOur Tour of Trickling Springs Creamery: Part 1: The Production Facility

What a bunch of freaks we are!

Possibly the most important part of our Ice Cream is the Ice Cream itself. We talk about the flavors we add, but the Super-Premium Ice Cream base is an indispensable medium: A blank canvas, if you will. With that in mind, we recently took a trip to Chambersburg, PA to explore the dairy that produces […]


archiveFantastic, Fresh, and Fruitful Flavors Unfurled! How Fortunate!


Friends, we find ourselves in the full swing of Fresh Fruit Season! To take advantage of this bountiful harvest of natural deliciousness, we have elected to produce not one or two but THREE new and new-ish flavors, all of which will be hitting dipping cabinets Philadelphia-wide this weekend. ‘Tis the season for fruit to sweeten […]


archiveGet To Know Strawberry Pink Peppercorn


Strawberry Pink Peppercorn, one of our favorite recurring seasonal flavors, is a bit of an oddball, which means it fits right in on our menu. The base, either Super-Premium dairy or coconut cream-based non-dairy, is first flavored with freshly pureed strawberries. Had we decided to stop there, we would have been left with a classic, […]


archiveMeet A Baby: Mimi

Photo on 4-15-15 at 9.45 PM

Mimi likes rock n roll, breakfast, and sunshine. She gets anxious when trying to decide what her favorite ice cream flavor is. When you see Mimi you can ask her what the difference between littoral and riparian rights are.


archiveGet To Know Chocolate Salt Malt

Chocolate Salt Malt, one of our most popular and literally named flavors, is a fusion of many things. Old School and New School. Understandable and Unusual. Chocolate and Salt and Malt. Let’s investigate! The three key components are: Chocolate: An indescribably delicious substance derived from the seeds of the cacao tree, native to tropical forests […]


archiveFirst Friday Feat. Saint Benjamin Brewing: For Immediate Release:

Pepper Lavender

Hello! In celebration of Philadelphia Beer Week, First Friday, and our neighborhood business community, Little Baby’s Ice Cream will be hosting a reception on this coming First Friday, June 5th, in collaboration with local nanobrewery Saint Benjamin Brewing. In celebration of this occasion, Little Baby’s has created a brand new Pepper Lavender Ice Cream, inspired […]


archiveIce Cream Floats: A Sensory Coflavoration In The Making

The Float Room

Here in Little Baby Land, we thrive and pride ourselves on collaborating with all sorts of different people and organizations to create new things. Collaboration can lead to a new flavor of Ice Cream, a charity event, a theater production, a dream wedding, a Pizza + Ice Cream Emporium, an almanac, or anything in between. […]


archiveMeet A Baby: Brendon


 Brendon is a new resident of Philadelphia and member of the Little Baby’s Ice Cream family. He lives for indie video games, comics, and that time when punk wasn’t so angry. He once got a black eye from an armrest (like the kind attached to a chair). When you see Brendon at the counter […]


archiveHappy BirthDerby To Us!

Us, From 2011 'Til Infinity

It’s hard to believe, but this year’s Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby & Arts Festival officially marked five glorious years of slinging our hand-made, small-batch, super-premium Ice Creams and non-dairy frozen desserts to the good people of Philadelphia. It was at this very same event in 2011 that we debuted Flavorblaster #1, our Trusted Tricycle, to […]


archiveGet To Know Earl Grey Sriracha


Earl Grey Sriracha, our flagship oddball flavor since 2011, encapsulates the essence of our Uniquely Babysian sensibility. It is audacious, outrageous, and delicious; it exists at the nexus of our Ice Cream Ideals. Some say it tastes like spicy Froot Loops. Our Earl Grey Sriracha Ice Cream gets its unique flavor from earl grey tea – […]


archiveMeet A Baby: The First of Many

karen landscape

Contrary to what our name suggests, Little Baby’s Ice Cream is led, made, and scooped by a team of babies of various sizes and ages! In this ongoing series, we’ll be bringing you the inside scoop on the wonderful people who make our weird Ice Cream dreams come true. To kick things off: Meet Karen! […]


archiveDeep Thoughts Part Two: on being confused, grateful, and rooted

The p'unk flaver

So how would we make the ideal flavor to represent 10 years of people, neighborhood involvement, company culture and valued work? We took out our “Always Be Human” notebooks that P’unk Ave gave us (that they screen printed in the basement of their office) and looked at our notes. We decided to stick to that […]


archiveDeep Thoughts Part One: The ultra-reflective flavor creation process of P’unk Ave

post it notes

Recently we had the pleasure of being asked to create a custom flavor for the 10th Anniversary Party of our dear friends at P’unk Ave – an amazing Philadelphia based web and application design development team. Discussions of what this very special flavor should be quickly went from “well, we can make you whatever you […]


archiveWaxahatchee Ivy Tripp Jordan Almond

jordan almond flavor sign

Welcome to what might be our first band/album flavor collaboration. Katie Crutchfield, the Alabama-born, West Philadelphia musician and songwriter who fronts rock super-group Waxahatchee, has held a place in Little Baby’s hearts for quite a while now. She played at the opening of World Headquarters on Frankford Avenue back in 2012. While opening our Cedar […]


archiveOff the Grid, Into the Sphere! Virtual Reality at First Friday!

Third Eye

Good People! This is NOT an April Fool’s prank! This Friday, April 3rd, 2015, we will welcome Third Eye, a biofeedback controlled virtual reality game, to our World Headquarters from 6pm – 9pm.   Developed by Karan Parikh of the Philadelphia Game Lab, Third Eye is a game played inside an immersive environment that uses Oculus Rift, Kinect and […]


archiveLBIC is a Philly Foodworks CSA Pick Up Location

Philly Food Works CSA

Did you know Little Baby’s Ice Cream (WHQ – Fishtown) is a Philly Foodworks CSA pick up location? Check out Philly Foodworks Rolling Farm Share. Join for as little as $100 and no seasonal commitment. Get creative by choosing from customizable shares, special add-ons, and a range of great local products on their online market. […]


archiveWe Are Hiring


Join a growing Ice Cream empire


archiveFat Thursday

don't eat this Little Baby

We sort of forgot about Fat Tuesday (or Mardi Gras) It was freezing cold and snowy here in Philadelphia. It will mostly be freezing cold and snowy on Thursday as well. But as a special Thurd Thursdee treat for you all we’re introducing to you… Our two newest Fat Tuesday inspired flavors: King Cake and […]


archiveShould Lil B Make Special Little Baby’s emoji?


Lil B and Little Baby’s, Ice Cream Dream Team


archiveCan You Name Your Children Foodie Things?


Children are being named everything these days. There are babies named Brooklyn. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their baby Apple. Bono and The Edge from the band U2 have babies named Memphis Eve and Blue Angel, respectively. Now that the linguistics community has identified the word “foodie” as an overused term, it comes as […]


archiveFishtown Figures in Internet Comedy About Creatives


Over on Philebrity, we read that Fishtown is playing host to a new web-based comedy series called “All Over It“. The show will feature humor about all the types of people that (presumably) tend to live and work in Fishtown. The trailer (below) shows that it is being shot around the area and features some […]


archiveWeird Ice Cream News: Vegemite


An Australian gelato company makes delicious down under flavor to the delight/disgust of many.


archiveHow to Walk on Ice


A friendly reminder in this winter weather to think of yourself as a penguin and you won’t fall down!


archiveTravel and Leisure Magazine Rate Philadelphia a Top Food Destination


Rapidly changing trends indicate that Philadelphia is a fancy place to eat.


archive“When It Snows, You Save”, $1 off Ice Cream While it’s Snowing


Winter is Ice Cream’s Natural Habitat and we’re discounting Ice Cream just to prove it to you!


archiveAnimals Need Ice Cream Too


Keeping cool is paramount, no matter what species you happen to be.


archiveIt’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!!


Here are all the details on how to find cookies as soon as possible!


archive“Keep the Industry Cool” During Restaurant Week


Sunday, January 18 – Monday, February 2 Throughout the course of Center City Restaurant Week (and a little after), staff working in the service industry get “Half Off Cups & Cones of Ice Cream” at both Little Baby’s Ice Cream Shops. Simply come in and tell us where you work, what you do there, and […]


archiveSeven of the Most Unintentionally Creepy Ads (or, Guess Who Made Another List)


Business Week reaches back into history to identify some creepy ads, putting us in some pretty heavy company.


archiveCustomer Feedback: This is What We Get


…from our typical customer. Should we feel surprised?


archiveMeek Mill “Ice Cream Freestyle”


A New Philadelphia Jawn.


archiveMemewatch: “This is a Special Time” with a real baby.


In this episode of Memewatch, we investigate a new “This is a Special Time” with a real little baby.


archiveMillion Dollar Milkshake


Unlike Soylent Green, Soylent made for people and by people, but not of people, and it’s worth a whole lot of money.


archiveChocolate and Memory, Memories of Chocolate


Science is helping to show that chocolate is good for memory. What does that say about our memories of chocolate and our attitudes towards the world?


archiveDoes Ice Cream Cool Down Humans or Does it Warm Them Up? A Scientist Weighs in…


Peter Poortvliet, Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Neuroscience at The University of Queensland, weighs in with some science to help support a claim that I’ve been making for a long time.


archivePeople and Wine and Alcohol and Ice Cream

They’re putting Wine in the Ice Cream and it has a 5% ABV.


archiveBanned Words, Malleable Language, Goldfish Crackers

Much has been made, as it is every year, of the list of words to be banned published by Lake Superior State University. We have some thoughts about that and the general malleability of language.


archiveReal Vanilla vs. Fake Vanilla in Ice Cream

Vanilla Beans Whole

In 2010, Cook’s Illustrated compared many varieties of Vanilla Ice Creams found in a supermarket, comparing for taste and deciphering just what people call “vanilla”.


archivePun-y News, Ice Cream Violence, Going Negative

Sure there are legitimate lessons to be learned from the recent story of the Cape Cod Ice Cream shop owner who allegedly bribed his teen employees to damage his competitors property, but isn’t this more of an opportunity to make silly puns?


archiveMeme Tracker: …and here’s what they’re saying about us in Korea


Little Baby’s Ice Cream “Eye Scream” also gets some treatment from the internet. The original… …and a new .gif which we quite like… @hipstalove_ ooo. Little baby's ice cream — 내가 제일 잘 나가 (@HeyyItsDevv) December 27, 2014 Is there no end?


archiveFlavor Feature: Crushed Candy Cane


The December holidays means candy canes to lots of folks, yet peppermint tastes great all winter long. Why fight it?


archiveFishtown Among 18 Best Food Neighborhoods in America According to Thrillist


We’re number #17 according to Thrillist!


archiveNog Shakes


Egg Nog Shakes and Silk Nog Shakes for the Holidays.


archiveHoliday Closings at the Shops


Regular Hours at each location in effect on all other days of the year.


archiveDecember Seasonal Flavors Now Out


December Seasonal Flavors for you, dear Ice Cream Eater.


archiveDeep Winter CSIC 2015 Sign-up Now Open

Deep Winter CSIC 2015 Poster

Get Exclusive and Exotic Flavors only through the world’s 1st and only Community Supported Ice Cream program at Little Baby’s Ice Cream! Be on the front lines of the “war on bore without end”. Members of Little Baby’s Ice Cream’s Deep Winter CSIC programs get first crack at the latest and most cutting edge and […]


archivelittlebabysicecream x dresslands sheath black backless little black dress

littlebabysicecream x dresslands sheath black backless little black dress with patch pocket Every woman has a little bit of a country side and this littlebabysicecream x sheath black backless little black item is the perfect dress to show it off. Pair this up with a pair of cowboy boots and you are ready to […]


archiveFlavor Alert: Chocolate Cranberry Cookie, Squash and Shortbread, Cranberry Sage Swirl


Catch these now. At both shops WHQ2311 & CPE4903.


archiveCarrot Cake Man Ice Cream for Halloween


Surprise! We held onto a batch of Carrot Cake Man Ice Cream especially for Halloween. It’s out now at Cedar Park Embassy 4903 Catharine and will be there until it’s gone.


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