Video: CBS Philly Talks to Pizza Brain, Hawk Krall, Little Baby’s Ice Cream (w/ Richie Records Content)


Nicole Brewer from CBS 3 took the time to come to the 2311 – 2313 Frankford Avenue Compound, which houses Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Ice Cream, and see the “Pizzalebrity Wall of Fame”.

Full video here.

Hawk Krall, Philadelphia-based Graphic Artist behind the work, seemed confused as to his camera blocking cues while sporting a T-Shirt promoting Philadelphia’s Richie Records.

Jeffrey Ziga, of Little Baby’s Ice Cream, came in to give Brian and Nicole a, not in his words, “Special Delivery”. Within the corrugated cardboard box is two cones of Little Baby’s “Pizza” Ice Cream, which is as it sounds: a “Pizza” Ice Cream flavor (the “flavor” being “Pizza”.)

Brian “Pizza Brain” Dwyer himself is so eager to down his scoop that it ends up on the floor! Laughter all-around and Nicole Brewer graciously allows Dwyer a lick and the CBS 3 Morning Team references a wonder bit of comedy by Eddie Murphy.

And we all win!

Eddie Murphy "Delirious"

Eddie Murphy “Delirious”