Cow Appreciation Day // July 12th


A famous chicken-based restaurant chain who prominently features cows in their advertising has made a big to-do of “Cow Appreciation Day”. The idea is that they want you to eat chicken instead of cow.

At Little Baby’s Ice Cream, we feature milk from Trickling Springs Creamery, please read about them. We’re also celebrating them today with the help of Maker’s Mark by offering our “Mint Julep” Ice Cream which is made with Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky.

Maker's Mark Cow Appreciation Day Cool Poster

Maker’s Mark Cow Appreciation Day Cool Poster

Moo-ve on out of your home and come on over and see us and moo-ve up to the counter and ask for a scoop! We hope you like it! Moooooooooooo

Available at: World Headquaters (2311 Frankford Avenue) & Cedar Park Embassy (4903 Catharine Street).

#CowAppreciationDay #Moo