DiBruno Bros Turns 75 Years Old & We Made Special Olive Oil Rosemary Lemon Ice Cream For Them



We’ve been excited to have longstanding Philadelphia culinary pioneers Di Bruno Bros offering our pints in their Rittenhouse Square, Ardmore Farmer’s Market, & The Franklin locations. To help them celebrate their 75th year in the business, we made a special batch of Olive Oil Rosemary Lemon Ice Cream, which will be available in their aforementioned shops and, if you’re lucky, catch it at our shops. Look for this sign…


…aaaaaaand here’s a picture of a pint of the good stuff, to prove that it exists!


The flavor was made with springs of fresh rosemary and lemon zest along with Barbera Lorenzo No 3 from Central Sicily, available, of course, from Di Bruno Bros.

They will be hitting the shelves later this week! Check out Di Bruno Bros for details.