Exhumed Films: 24 Hour Horror-thon Part VII


Exhumed Films presents:
24 Hour Horror-thon Part VII


To celebrate the joyous Halloween season—and our 16th anniversary!— Exhumed Films proudly presents the seventh annual 24 Hour Horror-thon: a full 24 hour marathon of nonstop horror mayhem! We’ll start at noon on Saturday and go straight through until noon on Sunday. As always, the lineup of films is being kept secret–people who come to the show will only find out what the features are as they unspool onto the screen. The show will be a combination of some of the biggest horror titles of the last 30 years or so mixed with some really rare gems. Plus we’ll run tons of classic trailers, shorts, and other oddities, all projected on 16mm or 35mm film. Can you stay awake for the entire 24 hours? Who will survive, and what will be left of them? Be here on October 26th to find out!


Confirmed inside vendors for the show:
Grindcore House (vegan)
Blowfish Bakery (vegan)
Little Baby’s Ice Cream (dairy and vegan)