First Friday Frankford Avenue // April 5th


Hello! First Friday for the month of April is upon us! In addition to all of the wonderful things happening elsewhere on the lower Frankford Avenue corridor, we here at Little Baby’s Ice Cream are thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of our little public parklet out front of 2311 Frankford Avenue! We will be celebrating with a special flavor for the event: Arctic Splash. Read on!

The parklet is a small space serving as an extension of the sidewalk to provide amenities and green space for people using the street. Little Baby’s Ice Cream obtained permission for a parklet via the Office of the Mayor of Philadelphia in 2011 and debuted the parklet that same year. It is not outdoor seating for Little Baby’s Ice Cream and Pizza Brain. It is a public park and is open to the public, maintained for the community by Little Baby’s Ice Cream from April 1st to Oct 1st. It was built in 2011 by Postgreen Homes and Olde Glory Builders and funded by the Philadelphia Streets Department. Here’s a set of photos via Postgreen from 2011.

Regarding the Arctic Splash Ice Cream, this local delicacy, essentially a particular brand of sweet tea which is manufactured in Massachusetts somewhere, is extraordinarily popular in the River Wards Districts for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. We honor this beverage with its own flavor of Ice Cream, noting to those curious about it’s makeup that it actually contains 0% actual Arctic Splash drink. Heavy research of the paper-carton-ed beverage (aka “drank a lot of it”) took place in the kitchen at 2311 Frankford Ave.

See you!