First Friday Frankford Avenue: Wassailin’ w/ The Agran Boys!


Little Baby’s Ice Cream is proud to present:


with The Agran Boys
Family Barbershop Quartet

featuring a Special Ice Cream Flavor
“Mrs. Agran’s Famous Peanut Butter Squares”

First Friday 2013 December

Starting at 5:00pm, come and hear the wonderful sounds of Delco’s own The Agran Boys Family Barbershop Quartet as they sing traditional barbershop & holiday selections from all over the Festivus Song Catalog. We’ll be wassailing around Frankford Avenue, culminating with a performance at Little Baby’s Ice Cream World Headquarters & Pizza Brain at 6:00pm *sharp*.

And further treat yourself with Little Baby’s take on one of Delco’s most famous desserts: Mrs. Agran’s Famous Peanut Butter Squares!

Wassailing is an old English term referring to the salute “wæs hæl” (meaning ‘be you healthy’), but also to the drink “wassail”, a hot mulled cider enjoyed while “wassailing”, which is the act of going around and singing songs. Folks used to go around wassailing to other folks’ homes, demanding wassail for their songs, but folks also wassailed over into the apple orchards in the fall season, summoning up the good spirits to help ensure that the following spring’s harvest was healthy.

During First Friday on Frankford Avenue, we celebrate. Wassail in all its meanings, the drink, good song, good spirits, good health, all of them coming together as one during the beginning of the Festivus Season.

Be Easy!