The Galleries at Moore presents: Film Al Fresco, Program II

Friday, June 27th 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
 Aviator Park, Logan Square West
  • Laurence Salzmann, “I Remember Them Now”

This is the second of four outdoor film screenings that take place select Fridays in June & July. Join us at dusk or earlier and enjoy tasty treats from local food trucks and grab a seat on the grass in Aviator Park to enjoy the films & videos by filmmakers and video artists living & working in the Greater Philadelphia and Delaware Valley regions.
Tonight’s program is a series of five shorts including:
SHANE SALANTRI | Around the Block (3 min. 36 sec.)

Tyler is a 22 year old kid struggling to deal with the recent murder of his mother while trying to raise his six year old sister. Now he must try and overcome his guilt from that dreadful night and face his financial struggles. So why not accomplish both at once?

SHANE BOOK | Dust (8 min. 30 sec.)

A young poet’s final evening with his girlfriend sparks memories of an afternoon spent with this ailing grandfather. Adapted from Shane Book’s National Magazine Award-winning poem, an exploration of the nature of grief becomes a poetic meditation of water, skin and dust.

MATT SUIB & AARON IGLER | Red Brick, Green Grass, Blue Sky (31 min. 24 sec.)

Red Brick, Green Grass, Blue Sky is a portrait of artists Leroy Johnson and Sarah McEneaney, commissioned by Philadelphia’s Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy. This short-feature documentary follows the artists and their creative process during the production of their respective public art commissions for the Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services Center in West Philadelphia.

LISA JIANG | Lie (14 min. 30 sec.)

Ying is an illegal immigrant struggling to make it in America.  When she applies for a job in the fashion industry, it is through naive hopes of gaining a work visa, and possibly making it big. However, being so used to hiding, she has spun a web of lies that ultimately put her daughter, and her freedom, in danger.

LAURENCE SALZMANN | I Remember Them Now (17 min.)

In the 1970′s Laurence Salzmann spent two years documenting the surviving Jewish Community of Radauti, a small town in Romania’s Bukovina Region. Forty years later, while organizing his photographic archives, he came across several metal boxes containing Kodachrome and Ektachome slides that he had made in Radauti at that time. The memory of those recorded long ago is the personal narrative that Salzmann attaches  to this animated account of a community whose last members are now just a memory in the minds of the people who once knew them.