Tidal Schuylkill Boat Parade 2014


Tidal Schuylkill Boat Parade 2014

Calling all gussied up sailors, tricked out skiff masons, heavily adorned floaters and bedizen paddlers!!

Decorate anything that floats, put on your fanciest tidal river ensemble and bring it to Bartrams Garden Boat Dock Sunday June 22, 2014. We’ll take to the tides at 12pm.

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***Yes, there will be plenty of BOATS on hand, in need of costumed captains. If you do not have a float-craft just show up dressed up and we will get you on the water.

***Yes, there will be a Little Baby’s Ice Cream cart on the river scooping out dessert for paraders.

***Yes, there will be a floating rusty brass band.

***Yes, there will be trophys.

Mark your nautical charts. More details on the horizon.