Van Halen Sundays // Find the Brown M&M in our “Plain” Ice Cream and Win!


This Sunday, at World Headquarters (2311 Frankford Avenue) and Cedar Park Embassy (4903 Catharine St):

Van Halen “Find the Brown M&M” Game!

Van Halen Killing It in a photo!
Van Halen Killing It in a photo!

Here are the rules:

  1. 1) Order a scoop (or more) of Little Baby’s “Plain” Flavor Ice Cream at either our World Headquarters (2311 Frankford Ave) or Cedar Park Embassy (4903 Catharine St).
  2. Enjoy it on the premises.
  3. If there is a brown M&M in it, prove it to the staff at the counter (in a sanitary manner) and win a prize!
  4. Prizes include Van Halen LPs, T-Shirts, Memorabilia as well as Gift Certificates to area record stores.
  5. No cheating and buying a pack of M&Ms and putting one of them in your scoop. That’s lame.

Prizes generously donated by:

Read below for the story behind the legend!

Those unfamiliar with the fabled connection behind Van Halen and brown M&Ms will wonder exactly what we’re doing with this one, but stick with me…

Way back in 1982, Van Halen was a sick band. They toured a lot, like bands do. In advance of showing up to places, they would send to a venue a list of the things that they wanted and needed to play the show in their contract, including requests for sound equipment, lighting equipment, and hospitality. It is these demands for hospitality that are the stuff of rock and roll legend. One particularly wide-spread example is Van Halen’s “Absolutely No Brown M&Ms in the bowl of M&Ms backstage” request.

As noted on websites like Snopes and even on NPR, the nature of this request is widely misunderstood. Instead of being just another outlandish and childish request, it was, in fact, a test by the band to see how thoroughly a concert promoter read the details of the contract. If there was a bowl of M&Ms backstage with no Brown M&Ms, chances are, the concert promoter read the rest of the fine print as well.

Make Van Halen Mad. Can you find the Brown M&M?!?!