Ice Cream Zine #1: Parklife


Little Baby’s Ice Cream’s New Monthly DIY publication Ice Cream Zine debuts with Issue #1: Parklife.

In stores & ships 10/14.


Ice Cream Zine is a new monthly publication featuring essays, illustrations, art works, music, advice columns, missed connections, comics, games & more.

Published by Little Baby’s Free Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Compiled & Edited by: Kerri McGuckin
Layout & Editorial Assistance by: Jeffrey Ziga

Including works by: Jackson “Bug” Green, Najee Haynes-Follins, Eddie “The Duke” Robinson, Loren Hunt, Joseph Meadows, Julieanne DeSalvo, Sarah Beckman, Bashir, Spencer Silverthorne, Pete Angevine & Rick Rein.

For Inquiries, Submissions, Questions, Advice, write to us:

Little Baby’s Free Press
4903 Catharine Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19143

Next Up — Ice Cream Zine #2: “Thanks”

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