Ice Cream Zine #5: “Something Borrowed”


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Ice Cream Zine is a monthly publication produced by Little Baby’s Free Press featuring featuring essays, illustrations, art works, music, advice columns, missed connections, comics, games, reviews, & more..

Issue #5:Something Borrowed” features works by Jocelyn Lui, Don Malkemes, Jackson Greene, Joseph Meadows, John Sepa, Kerri McGuckin, Seren Beckman, & Ripped Off Stuff.

Edited & Layout by Kerri McGuckin & Jeffrey Ziga.

It costs $1 in person and a little bit more to ship it (see below).

Still available via mail order & in the shops:
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Ice Cream Zine #2: “Thanks”
Ice Cream Zine #3: “Memories”
Ice Cream Zine #4: “Deep Freeze”

Up next: Ice Cream Zine #6: “Who Cares

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