Instacart Launches Service at Green Aisle Grocery


Instacart launched service in conjunction with our good friends Green Aisle Grocery today. Green Aisle has been selling our pints since 2011! Now in 2014, you can get Little Baby’s Ice Cream, in addition to a wonderful array of other fine food products, delivered to your door via Instacart in 2 hours, with a low, low delivery fee of $3.99.

Think of all the times you wish you could have Ice Cream delivered right to your door and now imagine that your thoughts have turned into reality.


Additionally, Instacart & Green Aisle are running an amazingly fabulous promotion, the first 50 Green Aisle Grocery orders get a free Single-Serve 4 oz Cup of one of our flavors.

You can also use our exclusive discount code to get $10 off and free delivery on your first order with Instacart. Type in “littlebabys” at checkout or simply click this link.

Happy Delivery!
Spring Has Sprung!
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