Before we get started, here is the link to our project: Little Baby’s Ice Cream Funds for Responsible Packaging.

And here we go!

Hey Babies! Let’s cut to the chase! Little Baby’s Ice Cream produces Handmade, Small-Batch, Super-Premium Ice Creams and Non-Dairy Ice Creams in the East Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! We combine one-of-a-kind flavors with attention towards creating a singularly unique atmosphere for our customers! Listen to Music For Ice Cream and BE EASY! Melting your mind is free!

We’ve been profiled many places! From to to the American Hipster Youtube Series to the ever popular (ps — at last viewing, we are a Top 10 restaurant on yelp! thanks everyone!)

This we know and we want to share with you: ICE CREAM IS A FEELING!

Currently, we scoop from a Totally Custom and Tricked Out Tricycle, nicknamed the FlavorBlaster One. This is the Galleon of the fleet!, anchoring operations that also include Scoop Service Kiosks at Union Transfer Concert HallMorgan’s Pier Outdoor Riverfront Restaurant and Beer Garden, and our World Headquarters Full-Service Ice Cream Bar (opening this summer!).

“But where can we buy your Ice Cream in stores?”

The money from this Kickstarter will be used to front the cost of the reusable (by the consumer) Pint Containers (top lid and bottom container) that we would like to use and the associated packaging materials (design, stickers, labels, etc) necessary to sell our Ice Cream wholesale to fine groceries in the Philadelphia region.

Desired Pints, Top-Front View

Desired Pints, Top-Front View

This handy pint can be repurposed in the consumer’s home in an endless variety of ways! Put M&Ms in it! Use it to drink water! Plant a beautiful flower in it! Use it as a Bathtime Buddy!

Think about what would go inside this! X)

Think about what would go inside this! X)

Once integrated into Little Baby’s Ice Cream World Headquarters of Ice Cream Making (2311 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19123), these containers will complete Our Arsenal of Ice Cream preparing and serving equipment and machines for the already-upon-us Summer of 2012 (yikes!)

Read the Rewards Section to see what we are willing to do for the money! Donors can choose rewards that contain Ice Cream! Some rewards are marked by that personal touch that we are famous for. Some rewards contain Immortal Glory. Your name could live on forever!

The "Infinity Cone of Honor" will not look exactly like this trophy produced by a Ben & Jerry's franchise for a different contest, but it gives you an idea of what we're talking about.

The “Infinity Cone of Honor” will not look exactly like this trophy produced by a Ben & Jerry’s franchise for a different contest, but it gives you an idea of what we’re talking about.

No Rules on Planet Earth!

Stay Cold!

Wild Wishes!,

– Pete, Martin, Jeffrey