Little Baby’s Ice Cream celebrates The 2013 Kentucky Derby with “Mint Julep” Ice Cream, made with Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky


First a little history…

Since the late 1800′s, people have been going to Churchill Downs in Kentucky and racing horses around an oval track. Others go there to speculate on the outcome of the race, wagering huge sums in the process.

This event, the Kentucky Derby, has been called “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” or “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports”. Such a long-running and exciting event is bound to collect traditions around it. For instance, the winning horse is blanketed with over 500 roses for reasons that I can’t be bothered to google.

Amidst all the hoopla of the race and its traditions, refreshment is needed. One such tradition is imbibing, as humans tend to do at events that might be a little more boring than the previously anticipated. The Mint Julep is the cocktail of choice for the Kentucky Derby crowd. Bourbon County in Kentucky is an area so renown for the style of its whiskey that its name became the name of a particular style of American whiskey, Bourbon.

Maker’s Mark makes bourbon whiskey but they use the Scottish spelling of the word, so really they make “whisky”. I don’t know the reason for this, so maybe ask them. Regardless, Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky makes a very good Mint Julep.

To celebrate the Kentucky Derby, we’re making a Mint Julep Ice Cream with Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky. It’s really good. Maybe we will even watch men smack horses in an effort to make them run faster around the oval, but we’ll probably be too busy selling Ice Cream to do so.

Good luck horses!

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