Little Baby’s Ice Cream partners with Trickling Springs Creamery

This past March, we set out to Franklin County Pennsylvania to visit the town of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, the town which Trickling Springs Creamery calls home.

Little Baby's Ice Cream visits Trickling Springs Creamery (L-R Pete, Jeffrey, Martin)

We think that their dairy is top-notch! And their sales pitch is impeccable. Check it out:

Trickling Springs Creamery opened in 2001 to provide fresh, wholesome dairy products to consumers.  We accomplish this today by using milk from local, family farms that take the best care of their animals and land. These happy cows get all the sunshine and free grass they want during growing season and are not pushed in growth or production by synthetic hormones.  We maintain a personal relationship with our farmers and focus on providing you the best product for your enjoyment.  We offer organic and all-natural products that are created in small batches to allow us to focus on quality and freshness.

Our visit included a tour of two farms from their stable of local family farmers as well as their dairy processing plant. And weren’t our eyes wide! We even saw baby cows!

Jeffrey and the Baby Cow

We are proud to serve our Philadelphia-Style Ice Creams made with dairy from Trickling Springs Creamery! As they say: “Milk from Happy Cows!”

Enjoy our Ice Cream! Eat it or Wear it!