Little Baby's Ice Cream
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Ice Creams & Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts for open-minded, convivial Philadelphians.



SOLD OUT: Summer Mixtape 2012

One hour of Cool Tunes to Keep You Cool.

Summer Mixtape 2012.

Produced by Joseph Meadows
Cover Illustration and Layout by Justin Gray
Mixed by Ryan T

Side A: First 30 Minutes
Side B: Second 30 Minutes

Limited to 100 Copies on a Cassette Tape.


More Etcetera

Greeting Cards, Almanacs, Zines, and Coloring Books.

Frankford Avenue Freeze Out 2012 Silk-Screened Gig Poster

Frankford Avenue Freeze Out 2012 Silk-screened Gig Poster 12″ x 19″

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Frankford Avenue Freeze Out 2013 Silk-Screened Gig Poster

Frankford Avenue Freeze Out 2013 Silk-screened Gig Poster

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Gift Certificates

This humble token of affection between two people acts as Time-Honored Holiday Season Stocking Stuffer, Relatively Impersonal Gift Quick-Fix, and Simple Gesture of Giving.

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SOLD OUT: Summer Mixtape 2013

Make Wishes and Weirdness Wild. Tracklisting: Side A: Track One // Side B: Track Two. This tape comes in a hand-numbered edition of 100 cassettes.

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Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop

The Belle-V ice cream scoop is a solid aluminum scoop with a classic, ergonomic design that is made to last. The angled head works with the natural rolling action of a user’s wrist to give maximum leverage to easily scoop the hardest ice cream. The spade-shaped edge helps users get into those hard-to-reach corners at […]

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Freezer Bag

Handsome red freezer bag with Little Baby’s Ice Cream “Double Zag” logo, so everyone knows you like only the best Ice Cream. Holds four (4) pints of Ice Cream. Handy strap technology allows for maximum carry-ability.

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