“On National Hot Dog Month”


July is National Hot Dog Month & National Ice Cream Month

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“On National Hot Dog Month”

In 1984, then President of the United States of America Ronald Reagan proclaimed July as “National Ice Cream Month”, further naming the third Sunday of that month to be “National Ice Cream Day”. Reagan, citing the statistic claiming that 90% of the USA eats ice cream, thought that there should be time to focus on this particular food, time the nation could set aside to enjoy ice cream and celebrate it.

On July 1st, 2013, Mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter proclaimed July to be “National Hot Dog Month”, though he cited no day in particular to be “National Hot Dog Day”. A cursory google search reveals that National Hot Dog Day is July 23rd (Thank you Joel Spivak.)

Our reaction, as an Ice Cream company, to this news could go a few different ways, so of course it becomes necessary for us to take a stance on this important issue.

If we were worried about being upstaged, unsure of our own selves, we’d be worried that Hot Dogs were trying to steal Ice Cream’s limelight. But Ice Cream is not going to be upstaged by Hot Dogs, just as Hot Dogs are not going to be upstaged by Ice Cream. Ice Cream and Hot Dogs are friends.

It is because of this that we choose to celebrate “National Hot Dog Month” concurrently with “National Ice Cream Month” because you don’t have to just celebrate one thing. Celebrations are just times set aside to reflect and enjoy.

But our celebration of “National Ice Cream Month” and “National Hot Dog Month” shouldn’t be taken as passive support of the concept of a “holiday”. We believe that Ice Cream, as well as all good things, should be celebrated each and every single day of the year and beyond. We believe Ice Cream is better in the winter where it belongs because winter is Ice Cream’s natural habitat.

We celebrate holidays because they happen to fall on days when we’re already celebrating anyways, so what’s the harm in joining? If you’re celebrating “National Ice Cream Month” and “National Hot Dog Month” starting July 1st, you’ve just arrived at the party that we are at eternally.

Welcome in. Make yourself at home.



Three (3) choice scoops on a toasted hot dog bun with one (1) choice bottled soda. Citywide Special.

Three (3) choice scoops on a toasted hot dog bun with one (1) choice bottled soda. Citywide Special.

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