Please Welcome, Your Unofficial Ice Cream Sponsor of the Philadelphia 76ers, Little Baby’s Ice Cream!


We are pleased to welcome ourselves at Little Baby’s Ice Cream as again the “Unofficial Ice Cream Sponsor of the Philadelphia 76ers”!

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November 9 — In a move that surprised no one at the company, Little Baby’s Ice Cream has again taken it upon themselves to act as the “Unofficial Ice Cream Sponsor of the Philadelphia 76ers”. Co-Founder and Dreamer of Little Baby’s Ice Cream and 76ers Fan Pete Angevine says of the announcement: “It’s a very exciting time for the Philadelphia 76ers and for us. The Sixers have some exciting young talent and we feel that we’re a good match to be their Unofficial Ice Cream Sponsor, ourselves being young on the frozen dessert scene.”

The metaphors between the two entities were highlighted by Little Baby’s Ice Cream when they chose to outsource their day-to-day coverage of Sixers’ related activity to the newly founded Growthplates Blog. Growthplates touts itself as “Ecstatic Truths about the 2012/13 Sixers”. Said Little Baby’s Ice Cream’s People’s Concierge Jeffrey Ziga, “It’s these Ecstatic Truths and, frankly, the revelations that they inspire that we’re after, about the Sixers, and, in the case of Little Baby’s, about Ice Cream and dessert in general.”

Founder of Growthplates Blog, Justin DiBerardinis, had this to say about the newly formed three-way partnership, “Right now, it’s like a high school basketball team practicing the ‘Three Man Weave Drill‘, we’re working on timing and getting it up to speed, but eventually we’ll pull in some more folks and we’ll turn it into a nice “3-on-2-on-1 Drill” and then we’ll be in shape for gameday.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream is a Super Premium, Philadelphia Style Ice Cream Company making Ice Cream in the East Kensington Neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia 76ers are a professional basketball team of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania playing in the NBA. Growthplates Blog is a blog written by Philadelphians about the Philadelphia 76ers and related content.

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