Rust Belt Rising Almanac Vol. 1

Rust Belt Rising Almanac Vol 1 The Head and The Hands Press

Rust Belt Rising Almanac Vol 1

The Rust Belt Rising Almanac Vol. 1, published by The Head & the Hand Press, is a collection of snapshots and stories from writers and artists in America’s Rust Belt Cities. In our first volume you, Courteous Reader, will read about escapes, remains, and models of growth. You’ll learn about projects that are working & the people who aren’t, find a road map for wandering, and green your thumb with an industrial soil-strength planting guide. Our almanac may not serve strictly as a meteorological or agricultural guide, but we hope it will help to measure the kind of atmospheric pressure felt between jobs, between communities, between the friends who are still here and the ones not so lucky, bound together by a common question: what’s next for the rust belt?

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