Summer Solstice, semi-axis at full-tilt, our season is finally here.


“…Get into the light where you belong…”

Q: “…but where do you belong?”

A: Summer.

As Little Baby’s Ice Cream, we live and do business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, located on planet Earth at 39.9522° N, 75.1642° W, placing us firmly in the Northern Hemisphere. Thusly, the beginning of our winter is marked by the Winter Solstice, which in the year 2013 will fall on December 21. This is the longest night of the year with the least amount of light. This is months and months away…

As sellers of Ice Cream, we are tied to the seasons, despite our best efforts to convince the public that Ice Cream is not a seasonal food, that it is best enjoyed in the coldest months where it performs better in its natural habitat. But we cannot control the public opinion, so we look forward, as citizens of the northern hemisphere, to Northern Solstice, our Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, with the most amount of light.

Festivals and parties are legion at this time of year, especially for people in colder regions of our Planet Earth, for whom sunlight is particularly cherished. Referred to in cultures around the world as Tiregān (in ancient Iran), Kupala Night or Ivan Kupala day or the Kupala Fertility Rite which can include a sort of Mischief Night (Russia and various Baltic & Slavic regions), Jāņi (Latvia), Wianki (Poland), and many others, Midsummer Festivals are important to almost all cultures around the globe, marking a particular time of the year, a way to mark the passing of the seasons…

“…get into the light where you belong…”

The Sign

Q: “…but where do you belong?”

A: Midsummer.