Sustainable Urban Cargo Delivery


What has three wheels, is peddled by a human being, and delivers goods to people in and around an urban environment?

The answer is special tricycles built by Cycles Maximus, a UK company that supplies cargo vehicles to B-Line, an urban goods delivery / transport company based in Portland, OR. Their delivery ‘drivers’ (riders!) pilot cargo around, don’t need to park in special truck loading zones, don’t run over other cyclists, and compete for business with other major trucking companies (Office Depot uses B-Line to deliver in the Portland-area).

Super-Premium Ice Cream made in Philadelphia isn’t the only thing that can be transported around this great city! Philadelphia’s bicycling messengers and entrepreneurs take note! B-Line is expanding to other cities! Philadelphia is a great place for this!

Here’s a link to the article I read that inspired this blog post.