The Little Babies of Fishtown Playschool Visit Little Baby’s Ice Cream


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On Wednesday, May 15th of this year, Little Baby’s Ice Cream hosted one of the best field trips ever so far!  The little babies of Fishtown Playschool got to tour Little Baby’s Ice Cream’s World Headquarters located at 2311 Frankford Avenue. Not only did the kids get to taste ice cream flavors like Birch Beer Vanilla Bean, Smoked Cinnamon, and BBQ (and yes – it was awesome), they got to go behind the scenes and see how ice cream is made.  We even got a peek in the “ice cave” aka: deep freeze.  We were happy to play host to these human sproutlings – adults and kids alike! Want to explore the possibility of having your class tour our ice cream factory? Get in touch.